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Our Begining

So, how and why did we start this?

My husband and I both grew up rescuing and caring for animals. When we met, our first conversation was actually about an animal! After we were married I found out I could live a dream I never thought possible, and started researching foxes, and in 2014 we brought home our first fox. Raising him was like nothing either of us had ever done, difficult and also rewarding. So in 2017 when we took in our first fox who really needed our help, it was like we'd finally realized where we belonged.  After that we met other wonderful like-minded people and decided to become East Tennessee's first official Sanctuary for foxes, raccoons, etc. in 2019.

And, Who am I?

Hi, I'm Linsey, the president of Exotic Pet Wonderland. For several years now I've been helping exotics find their permanent home, giving advice to help them stay in their current home, or giving them a permanent home with us here.

Because of the growing number of exotics, specifically foxes and raccoons needing homes, in October 2019 I reached out to a couple  amazing people and decided to become an official sanctuary to be able to help more animals. 

We are a fully recognized 501(C)3 sanctuary, and have earned the guidestar platinum seal. Any donations to help our animals are tax deductible.

When it comes to helping animals who have a good home, my first goal is always to help out the current owner and get it to where the animal can stay in the home he or she has always known, as long as their owner can provide for them. Sadly sometimes that's not an option, and sometimes I get calls about helping animals that have been in situations where they've never had a good home. Because of that, I'm trying to build on and grow so that I can help as many animals as possible. At this time, we are the only sanctuary in East Tennessee specializing in raccoons and foxes that are captive bred. We're located in Knoxville, Tn.

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